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Brigitte Niedermair.

They had to turn her around because people couldn't handle her breastfeeding.

Cannawigra Juno

Cannawigra Juno

Atom Heart Mother

Today, October is the birthday of “Atom Heart Mother”. Pink Floyd’s studio album, “Atom Heart Mother” was recorded between February and August and was released in the same year.

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Super Safe 13H Kids Ranch Pony~Trail Riding Delux~Great Handle

Panda is a beautiful large pony gelding that's been ridden on a ranch by the ranch owners wife and kids.

Stilton - A Hunter

Stilton - A Hunter

Bay Thoroughbred with gulastra plume. Gulastra plume, also called silvertail, is an apparently random silver/partial silver tail, most commonly seen on bay horses. It is thought to be connected to the sabino complex but the genetics are not yet known.

I ride a filly with a silver tail- i just adore her! A Thoroughbred exhibiting "Gulastra Plume," the silver-colored tail, which is believed to be caused by a sabino gene.

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