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The ROV Hyper Dolphin caught this deep-sea jelly (Atolla wyvillei) on film east of Izu-Oshina Island, Japan. When attacked, it uses bioluminescence to "scream" for help—an amazing light show known as a burglar alarm display.

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Nicholas Samaras took third place in the "Fish or Marine Life Portrait" category with a picture of a nudibranch (Cratena peregrina) taken off the coast of Chalkidiki, Greece.

A remora. They have a head that can attach to whales, sharks, manta rays and other sea creatures.

Suction disc of a Slender Suckerfish (Echeneis naucrates). The Bistro, Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

Deep Sea Jelly Fish

Periphylla periphylla is a deep water jellyfish, normally living at depths of m. the-oceans

ceratosoma magnificum (another marine slug) lives up to its name, no!

19 Creatures From The Mariana Trench - Gallery

19 Creatures From The Mariana Trench

The Fanfin Seadevil (Caulophryne jordani) is a member of the anglerfish family. The Fanfin Seadevil, however, lacks the escal bulb, the light that attracts prey to the fish.