Time Machine Steam Punk Necklace

stem punk I think I said this before on another one of my pins, but I really like the idea of the ringmaster wearing lots of jewelry.

Steam Punk (preeeeeettttyyyy . . . .)

Steampunk Fashion

First, I would like to say that I am so excited for this post that I can not even wait until tomorrow to write it! It is but that is not stopping me. Steampunk is not easily described.

Awesome steampunk watch

Steampunk watch cuff on a ruffle bracelet . Make a watch in under 180 minutes by creating, jewelrymaking, and sewing with fabric, ribbon, and lace. Inspired by clothes & accessories. Creation posted by Pink Absinthe.

steampunk @ steampunk love

Steampunk, Big Wheel Bike, Penny Farthing Bicycles or better yet, “Penny…