How to paint water: Watercolor painting of water:Watercolour

How to paint water with watercolor paint. Watercolour painting techniques used for painting water. Useful information for oil, acrylic and pastel artists also.

No-Fail Watercolor Tips | Loosen Up Your Watercolor Painting With a Three-Step Value Study

No-Fail Watercolor Tips

How to Paint an Eye with Watercolor

Learn how to paint skies with watercolor using a graded wash and crayon mask. Also discover tricks to mute the out of the tube blue for real sky colors.

How to Paint a Basic Leaf with Watercolors | eHow Crafts | eHow

How to Paint a Basic Leaf with Watercolors

Underpainting Does the Work in Expressive Watercolor Painting

Learn how creating an expressive underpainting can lead to creating an expressive finished painting with watercolors. This video tutorial takes a look at expressive watercolor painting.