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Broadbill de Whitehead (Calyptomena whiteheadi)

The Whitehead's Broadbill (Calyptomena whiteheadi) is restricted to montane forest in northern Borneo. It is named after the British explorer John Whitehead who collected natural history specimens in Borneo and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Green Broadbill

LESSER GREEN BROADBILL (Calyptomena caudacuta) ©Phil Liew - By Request for “habitat of the green broadbill” (there’s also an African Green Broadbill in case this is the wrong bird)


The Gang gang Cockatoo or, for short, the Gang gang ( Callocephalon fimbriatum ), is a bird belonging to the order of the Psittaciformes, family of the Cacatuidae.he's like the "Alfalfa" of the Avian world.

Bee Eater / Merops apiaster / Guêpier d'Europe : Le Guêpier d'Europe est une espèce d'oiseau appartenant à la famille des Meropidae. En raison de ses capacités d'aménageur ... certains auteurs le considèrent comme espèce-ingénieur. Wikipédia

The European bee-eater (Merops apiaster) is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family Meropidae. It breeds in southern Europe and in parts of north Africa.

Long-tailed Broadbills can be found in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia via Bird's Eye View at www.Facebook.com/aBirdsEyeViewForYou

long-tailed broadbill (Psarisomus dalhousiae) is a species of broadbill that is found in the Himalayas, extending east through Northeastern India to Southeast Asia

Emerald starling

I'm Iris(h)! Emerald Starling (Coccycolius iris) aka Iris Glossy Starling ~ One of the smallest species among starlings, and is distributed in the West African lowlands and savanna of Côte d'Ivoire,

Cardenal - Pyrrhuloxia / Mexican Cardinal

Desert cardinal, Cardinalis sinuatus, is a medium-sized North American song bird found in the American southwest and northern Mexico This is a female Pyrrholoxia. not a cardinal.

A beautiful bird with so many interesting markings and color.

"A beautiful bird with so many interesting markings and color." This is a Crimson Rosella, probably in plumage between juvenile and adult.

Costa's Hummingbird https://www.facebook.com/birds.story

A Costa’s Hummingbird at the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona. This proud little creature seemed fearless and determined in his travels. A Costa’s Hummingbird at the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona. by *ariseandrejoice

Banded Broadbill in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand. Photo by Carl-Johan Svensson

This bird is called a Banded Broadbill. (the colors in the photo have been pushed and saturated to make it look more intensely colorful)


The cuban tody - is a tiny, about bird native to Cuba and adjacent island. It has a small body but relatively large head. Their appearance is beautiful with glossy green body, white under parts, bright red throat and thin bill. Their body is adorned