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For Bobby, Charlie, Drew, Pauline,  Daddy

Eskimo Legend: Perhaps they are not really stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

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Life without Jesus is like an unsharpened pencil. It has no point ! Without Jesus forgiving our sins what would we do ?

We need a president like this, back in office! Sigh. If it ever happens remains to be seen! :0(

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious upon you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Prayer Warriors!!!! Urgent Prayer Request!!!!! Cynthia's husband just had a melt down tonight. She is very concerned for him due to his heart condition & his upcoming test next Thursday! Please pray for him & Cynthia . The stress , concern, pain, fear .... Just the unknown. The test, nuclear radio active heart scan, could cause a heart attack. So pray for peace, dependence on God, comfort & no serious side Effects from test. ! We know the Devil puts fear in us, not God! Thank you SIC

Pinned by Noel I have a prayer request for a dear friend who was killed March 7 in an auto accident. Please pray for her three children: Richard, Gwen and Alan to be touched by the Lord for healing. Thank you and God bless.


So senator so janitor so long for AWHILE remember your never fully dressed, though you my wear the best, your never fully dressed without a smile :) -Annie. My all time favorite childhood movie!

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Next time you’re stressed: Take a step back, inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you’re here. You’re never given anything in this world that you can’t handle. Be strong, be flexible, love.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws and governments will have guns." It seems like a pretty obvious statement, but some people just don't think things through.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

A bucket list is a list of things someone wants to do or see or accomplish before they…well….”kick the bucket”. There are so many different types of bucket lists that range from what to do

"The price of freedom... constant vigilance" -Thomas Jefferson From Geauga Constitutional Council

We salute the WarriorFoundation. for their help with disabled military heroes. Help the Webhosting Campaign reach its goal of One Million Dollars this year!

I wish I knew and practiced this sooner in my life.  It is impossible for a single person or even two or more people to be everything in our lives.  Rather, I think the best way to handle future happiness when it comes to others is to approach it with a huge dose of honesty and reality for all involved parties.  Root all expectations of people, including yourself, in reality. Lots of reality.

This quote is wonderful. It shows that you control your own happiness. "Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket" Happ.


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