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clothespin arts and crafts projects and ideas Tinkerbell clothes pin dolll – Red Ted Art

Learn how to make a caterpillar clothes pin craft. Guaranteed your kids will love making. These caterpillar crafts are very easy and your kids can create and de.

Caterpillar Clothes Pin Craft Tutorial

Clothes pin caterpillar DIY kids craft These turned out SUPER cute, and were SUPER easy! I made a line of glue on the clothes pin, and let the girls pick the colors and arrange them however they liked :) *Glue a magnet to it to stick on the fridge !

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Relive your childhood memories with this adorable Sock Monkey ornament! Handmade from a old fashioned peg clothespin, each sock monkey is lovingly

Clothes Pins Animal Craft For Kids. It is in a different language, but some of it is self explanatory.

Gift Bow Tutorial: Hand Stitched Felt Bow - Crafts Unleashed

Clothes Pins Animal Craft For Kids.They could also make a great craft project for animal clubs!

peg dolls

Peg dolls

wooden peg or old clothes pin dolls (pirates, firemen, soldiers, etc.

Alligator Craft: Use a clothespin to make this simple alligator for the swamp habitat.

Cute Craft Tutorials, Handmade Toys, Printable Crafts, Kawaii Plush by Fantastic Toys: Nutcracker Clothes Pin People Ornaments

Nutcracker Clothespin People Ornaments -- It's a kit, but it could very easily be a DIY project with your own supplies.

Oh these guys crack me up - a fun game of Snowman Bowling (add numbers to the backs and you can incorporate some counting and adding practice) made from old socks and tp rolls! Just brilliant. We love these guys!!!

Toilet Roll Snowman

Toilet Roll and Odd Sock Snowmen (and a bowling game, add scores and you have a sneaky maths game too!just before I threw all those odd socks away!

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Big Kids and Grown-Ups

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Big Kids and Grown-Ups

Free Coloring Pages Need a little creativity boost? Find it in this collection of free printable coloring pages for big kids and grown-ups. Coloring is a great stress-reliever too!

pine cone fairy craft - rainbow fairies

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

What a jolly little rainbow craft we have here - turn pine cones into a set of rainbow fairies! Aren't they totally adorable? We love pine cones in our house, there is something irresistibly quirky and tactile about them and…


Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Rolls Crafts

Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Rolls Crafts Handmade Valentines for Peyton's class / Sunday School If you have a passion for arts and crafts you really will love this cool site!

15 crafts that FLY! Fun to make AND play with!

Crafts That Fly

15 crafts that FLY! The flying kids' crafts are fun to make AND play with!