Reason to Be Fit #0456: To show the world what I'm made of.

This video has some workout songs and many phrases that may help inspire you to workout songs in this video are: I run for life - Melissa Etheridge My Body -.

Reason to get fit: To prove that my genes dont run my body. I do.

10 Reasons To Be Fit If You're A Girl:To prove that my genes don't dictate my body, I do.

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Minds musings: October 2011

Reasons to be Fit.Yes and since nothing else in my life is changing right now there is no better time.

The question isn't "can you", it's "will you"

Penelope's Weekly Workout List :: Week #1

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If I don't feel sore the next day, then I didn't do something right!

20 Reasons Why You Should Hit The Gym Today:To feel sore the next day as assurance of your hard work.

Be the person everyone asks what I do at the gym to get that fit

To be the person everyone asks what they do at the gym to get that fit. that would be pretty awesome

Minds musings: October 2011

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