pseudotropheus elongatus

Mekong basin in Southeast Asia is the home of Betta Fish and is considered to be one of the best aquarium fishes.

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The Aulonocara stuartgranti, hansbaenschi (Chiloelo) or Red Shoulder Peacock Cichlid is a popular species of Aulonocara that’s native to Lake Malawi in Africa. Males display a dark metallic blue color contrasted by red behind their gills and on their pectoral fins. The Red Shoulder Peacock grows to be about 6” in length, is fairly mild mannered, and is fairly easy to keep in a home aquarium.

Find information about keeping the Red Shoulder Peacock Cichlid or Aulonocara stuartgranti, hansbaenschi (Chiloelo) in a home aquarium, including advice for feeding and breeding your Red Shoulder Peacock Cichlid.

Pseudotropheus sp. “elongatus mphanga” (Mphanga Rocks) - 5”

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Demasoni Cichlid, Pseudotropheus demasoni

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Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep" Male

Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep" Male

Aulonocara stuartgranti Chiwindi "Blue Neon" African Cichlid

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