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van heusen

SEXISM in advertising: more chauvinistic imagery: this is how men should act if they want to appear daring - audacious - bold. Ad for Van Heusen shirts,

Using Lysol? Really?

You're married happiness depends on the real you.so after you disinfect the kitchen, make sure of your feminine daintiness and douche regularly with Lysol!

1970s  ad

Guys who have no wife ad hand to clean their clothes are just pitiful. The new model of wife is more effective than the old one, saving labour as well as money.

Scotch. 1946. Funny because it is so ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous

Merely place a strip of this transparent 'Scotch' cellulose tape over the place where I have so mischievously torn the paper.

Oh really now?

The ads which taste forgot: Sexist and inappropriate magazine adverts of yesterday urge man of the house to 'keep her where she belongs'

If you use the wrong deodorant, you're sunk, socially.  I remember when people didn't use deodorant....some did, a lot didn't.

11 Horrifyingly Offensive Vintage Ads

Ah for the pre 1960s days when men were men, women were women, and the world wasn't racing to get to hell, still heading there mind, but not at a neck breaking speed.

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poster. Learn to Train your wife in five easy lessons.Free booklet shows you how. She is also naked under her apron.