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The sculptures are amazing. Also, bonus points for the Doctor Who reference.

Fun fact: when marble is touched by someone's hard it leaves a bit of an oil deposit on the marble, and if enough people touch it, it gets a yellowish tint to it.

It was great to start with, but it got SO much better

This is one of my favorite posts ever. I'm laughing too hard at this

Submission to 'Owlturd Comics'

Owlturd Comics

The post itself is funny. But the fandom teacher is just as great

Fandom teachers are the best kind . Also teachers who have their own fandoms made up if students :) You go, fandom teachers! ---Totally going to be a fandom teacher---

Still my favourite thing to come out of Imgur so far

Still my favourite thing to come out of Imgur so far

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Dynamic struggles

Let's have some fun with a hilarious band post. It's long, but worth the read! Hahaha I'm crying I'm laughing so hard ----------- I'm the only flutest in my band I DON'T PLAY!