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Sailor moon

Luna from Sailor Moon. I have a black cat who I named Luna because of the the cat from sailor moon

Cat and the moon '' If I stretch a bit , I know I can reach it ''

I can see him now, sitting on the hill, reaching for the stars.

Luv this!

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** " Justs back from de vet. Me wuz diagnosed with H.D.A.D.D. - High Definition Attention Deficit Disoder. Me don'ts getz it - either by de letters or de words."

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Beautiful | Cutest Paw

This Ocelot Kitten Met His Best Friend, Blakely the Dog, at the Zoo—Watch Their Adorable Playdate!---My Grandmother had an Ocelot for a while and I have a photo of him in our pool. I am very very against people owning any kind of wild animal as a pet.