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Fallingwater guest house, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

This is a Frank Lloyd Wright guest cottage built behind Fallingwater about 15 years later. A beautiful example of his Usonian principles. While Fallingwater is fantastic, I would rather live in this little home.

Intercontinental Sanya Resort  © Patrick Bingham-Hall

Completed in 2011 in Sanya, China. Images by Patrick Bingham Hall. © Patrick Bingham-Hall The Intercontinental Sanya Resort is in Sanya, Hainan, China’s tropical island and comprises of a hotel with 350 rooms and.

Modern Earth Shelter: Homes Built into the Hillside - ‘House of Confronted Rooms’ in Paraguay

Modern Earth Shelter: Homes Built into the Hillside - ‘House of Confronted Rooms’ in Paraguay-SR

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Image 2 of 5 from gallery of Bildbauten: An interview with Philipp Schaerer. © Philipp Schaerer, Bildbau No 2008

Edgeland Residence by Bercy Chen Studio (Austin, Texas, USA) Pinned from another user

The Edgeland House, designed by the Bercy Chen Studio, recreates a modern take on the Native American pit house on the banks of the Colorado River in the US

Berm Home built into the ground is energy efficient.

Earth-bermed home. This is a nice example of how an otherwise normal home could become more energy efficient by surrounding it with earth.

Modern House With Zen Garden And Green Roof

Dream House Green Roof Design Ideas with Indoor-Outdoor Living Space - Home Design and Home Interior

8 Benefits Of Installing A Green Roof On Your Home

Green roofs are installed on top of existing roof structures to provide home owners, community members, and wildlife with a wide range of…

Eco-friendly roofing - Sunset.com

Eco-Friendly Roofing

The Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel is a wellness spa offering tranquility in the Austrian forest. And because of its green housetops, it blends into the landscape. Such rooftops can alleviate water runoff and sewage overflows. Further, the vegetation on the roof acts as a natural water filter and serves to cool the surrounding air through evapotranspiration, which Discovery describes as “a natural process that cools the air as water evaporates from plant leaves.” Besides, green rooftops are simply…

8 lush green rooftops from around the globe

8 lush green rooftops from around the globe: Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel, Styria, Austria

Part of the landscape

This contemporary sod-roofed house occupies a pretty little hideout on the…

Green roofs have other advantages.They scrub the air: one square meter can absorb all the emissions from a car being driven 12,000 miles a year, said Amy Norquist, chief executive of Greensulate, which installs green roofs.And green roofs can provide the plants that animals, birds and bees need where parks are far apart.

Green Roofs in Big Cities Bring Relief From Above