This "affirmation" is a great reminder about the how and why of losing weight.

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stop the diets and start the lifestyle changes!!! It's the only way to keep up with a healthy figure and a happy you. :)

Stop trying to be skinny and start trying to be healthy. Your weight will probably take care of itsef if you do.


Today is your day quotes quote fitness workout motivation proud healthy exercise motivate fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes train hard ---- I'd love to post this on our fridge!

this is on the wall at my gym and seeing it for the first time was a lightbulb moment for sure!

Pick Your Hard.

this is on the wall at my gym and seeing it for the first time was a lightbulb moment for sure! Losing Weight Is Hard. Being Fat Is Hard. Pick Your Hard.

Just did

I have learned to love it when I sweat because that means I am burning calories and getting out all of the bad toxins in my body! - Pins For Your Health

This is True..80% healthy eating..20% exercise.

Anyone can workout for an hour but to control what goes on your plate the other 23 hours.that’s hard work. Self Control! That’s Strength.

Motivation #Playlist

Great -- make a 45 minute playlist and don't stop until it does. Make it your goal - you'll have something to strive for that's within reach! 45 minutes, you can do it!

So true

Fitness Quotes : Illustration Description Get through your workout… Stick to your weight loss plan… In the end, it will all pay off! ology-results “Sweat is fat crying“ !

5 Ways To Get Faster Results From Strength Training

5 Ways To Get Faster Results From Strength Training

Ready to really commit to making a difference in your muscle tone (and the way you feel)? Here are five tips for speeding up your strength gains:

“Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. And, the more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run.”

The Career Mistake You Can Fix In A Minute

Career Contessa writer explains the no-brainer benefits of keeping a work journal.

Ernestine Shepherd, oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world, declared by Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 and 2011; as of 2011 she was 74 years old. Since age 56 she has won two bodybuilding titles, as well as run nine marathons.Her diet consists of 1,700 calories a day, mostly from boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liquid egg white drink. She runs about 80 miles a week; she does not take supplements. She is trained by former Mr. Universe Yohannie Shambourger.

Reading through this interview with the world's oldest female bodybuilder make me feel fat, lazy, and out of shape. Ernestine Shepherd runs ten

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Lives change like the weather. I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new. Click below to learn more about fitness healthy food weight loss and more! LEARN MORE>>>

Physical strength, mental health, and a strong immune system are just three benefits of taking on running. #QuitSmoking and stay healthy!

10 Health Benefits of Running [Infographic

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