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sometimes I forget how attractive josh dun is and then I see a picture of him and I'm like damn son


josh: *starts singing along* tyler: you don't--you're not supposed to sing your own birthday song josh: *laughs* oh

#wattpad #fanfiction Josh Dun x MALE reader

Kneel ✔ [Josh Dun x male reader] - I tried so hard to come up with a title but in the end, it doesn't even matter

Ahora les dejare unos zukulemthos gifs para que los disfruten junto a mi

Razones para amar a Josh Dun - Risa

{Jishua} "Hey, I'm Josh Dun. I'm 25 and the drummer for the band twenty øne piløts. I also go by Jish and DJ Spooky Jim. I like cats and drums and dying my hair and Tyler and stuff and things.

I got: Josh Dun! Which Artist Should You Get Matching Tattoos With?

Which Artist Should You Get Matching Tattoos With?

I got: Josh Dun! This quiz was "Which artist should you get matching tattoos with? Ahhaa I am so shallow holy crap. q-q Jishwa is beautiful though.