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Portland Emøtiønal Røadshøw

Portland Emøtiønal Røadshøw

Josh.  Emotional Roadshow 2016

Josh. Emotional Roadshow 2016

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violent_island: Caught them smiling at each other

I am a Pilot — topupdatez: violent_island: Caught them smiling.

Tweet multimediali di twenty one pilots (@twentyonepilots) | Twitter

twenty one pilots SHØWthirteen, mohegan sun (

I need to go to a concert! |-/

tvvntyonepilots: “Twenty One Pilots behind the scenes of their Rocksound Cover (x) ”

i have the same uke

Him and his lil ukulele! Look at that adorable lil smol bean<<< such the smol bean with the lil smol face an the lil smol ukelelelelele

(7/21)firstBerkeley. #ERS2016 ••

(7/21)firstBerkeley. #ERS2016 ••

We all have øur masks that we wear.

tru story // one time i wore all black & people stared @ me in disgust @ school.but i didnt care bc i wore it for a reason,for tøp.<<< seriously, i just died when i read that XD ily.