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((Open RP. Be person B) I look up to make sure you aren't looking as i trace my phone number on the sticky note. I place it on the cover of the book swiftly then close it. I leave the book on the table and walk out the door, hoping it would be you who got the note.

Then Person B is too shy to call person A then next time B goes to the library A explains that he left his number for A with a smirk xD

I gasped as I saw Mahlon's all too familiar scrawl. I slowly and reverently opened the letter hoping for some reason why he's missing to appear. "Kayla, I left because someone's after me. Be careful.

Blast from the past.                                                                                                                                                                                 More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Blast from the past.

is it serious or is it a prank call from your younger self? maybe youre somehow stuck in a time loop thing

today i woke up with a black eye and a broken wrist. i didn't know what it meant until i saw someone with the same injuries

I run my hand over the fresh bruise on my arm. "I must have a particularly clumsy soul mate. I get hurt so much it's ridiculous. My soul mate must hate me cause it's ridiculous how many bruises and cuts i get.

Single sentence? I get annoyed in a single paragraph! <-- basically yeah

Writing Problems Making emotional attachments with the purpose of shattering them is part of the job description.