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This is Professor Owl from Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, Milt Kahl didn't animate on the short, but he drew these design poses of the character.


This is a painting but it would be an amazing tattoo! Wouldn't mind covering up one of tattoos with this

This is super cute, if I were to get a cute little owl it probably wouldn't have this many colors though.

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Cute Owl Tattoos - The owl is a very popular tattoo design, however, these owls aren't the traditional looking wise owls, these are incredibly cute!

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Buhos y lechuzas dibujos Get my "being a mommy" and owl tattoo in one. I'd get the mother owl's head straight and add another baby.since I have Bella & Nolyn.I'd do it in color too thou. It could be pretty cool.

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Plumeria Tattoos Are Usually Seen Inside A Tattoo Design Often To Highlight The