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Awesome Inventions II

Awesome Inventions II

every time

"If you've played the game boy game once, or played every game after that - you know. The second you step into a cave, it's Zubats. Zubats everywhere. They flock to you, you can't take 5 steps without running into one. It's horrible." <~~ SO TRUE

my friend had the book from that panel involving sasuke and sai doing dat yaoi. its the only jutsu anyone needs to use.

Epic Artworks Using Paper…

Funny pictures about Epic Artworks Using Paper. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Artworks Using Paper. Also, Epic Artworks Using Paper.

Rafiki - Disney Wiki


Stuff 9 by sharpie91 on deviantART

Husky from +Anima (still my favorite manga) Random girl Percy Jackson April and Donatello Flame Princess for (Marker and Colored Pencil) Mermando and Mabel Background for HTTYD 2 Night and D.


The power of X-ray vision. Let's pin our favorite X-ray pins. Let's build a beautiful library of them.