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Carole during her week as a press agent at Selznick International Pictures in July of ₁₉₃₈. “For the life of me, I can’t see why my week as a press agent should have stirred up any unsual comment. The answer I suppose is that it hadn’t ever been done before, or so I’m told. No reason why it shouldn’t have been. Publicity and exploitation are just as important to a star as any other department, and having always believed that, I took the time to do a little bit of press work myself.”

Carole Lombard in the publicity department at Selznick International, 1938

Carole Lombard was no stranger to bridal wear, having modeled such gowns as far back as her first leading film role in 1925's "Marriage In Transit" (left), and continued doing so while at Pathe. Thus it was no surprise that Paramount asked her to do likewise in the spring of 1931, preparing for…

Carole Lombard, just 16 in this photo promoting the 1925 Fox film Marriage in Transit.