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HOW-TO: French Braid Twist This style can be done in very little time, depending on hair texture and braiding skills. Try this for a summer updo!

Amber Sky Salon: Spiral braid

Here's a spiral braid. Haven't done this since beauty school, 8 years ago. Start a braid in the middle of the head, and start it so i.

This is such a great tutorial for french braiding! Im so trying this when I get home lol.


How to French braid? Steps to make a classic French braid. Ideas to make fabulous French braid. Easy ways to make French braid.

Nancy's Couture: Spiral French Braid

When I was a little girl I loved to have my Mom style my hair. My fondest childhood memory is my Mom braiding my hair in lots of little brai.

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The Starburst Crown Braid. I love this hairstyle. It would look beautiful on my daughter-in-law.

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