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Soul Eater 2

Soul Eater, Vol. The remedial assignment continues as Soul and Maka confront Dr. Franken Stein, the man behind Sid-sensei's unfortunate transformation and the strongest meister ever to graduate from Death Weapon Meister Acad.

SoMa Week, day 1- Rommates by KeysaMoguri.deviantart.com on @deviantART

SoMa Week, day Rommates by KeysaMoguri<<<I love how Blair just lives with them kind of like their pet.

Desculpa já estou a ir embora

Day Goodbye This time even with some crappy color! XD Sorry for Souls OOCness here. not much to do with the topic, but i refuse to do somethin sad SoMa week was really fun *__* Altho.