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Penny and Daniel Lumbini: Out of the Blue, Hackney, London, street art mermaid in a can love it!

This is SO much work! Very impressive; we should do this in Lincoln City - we have a lot of stairways like this going down to the beach!

Fantasia in città: la scalinata è un'opera d'arte -

- The beautiful mosaic tiled steps of Avenue & Moraga Street in San Francisco. Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher created the mosaic design.


ARYZ & SANER IN MEXICO CITY Two of our favorite street artists who have both been featured in our printed magazine, Aryz and Saner, collaborated on a new wall in the streets of Mexico City.

Aryz. Fantasy on a wall. « streetaporter

Aryz. Fantasy on a wall.

Celebrated pieces by ARYZ one of the worlds great urban artists // See more graffiti art, street art, wall murals & urban art online on Mr Pilgrim

Amburgo, Germania: nuovo pezzo della street artist italiana Alice Pasquini. LINK UTILI: Alice Pasquini su questo blog | Website | Flickr | Facebook fan page | Twitter ————&#…

New work by in Hamburg, Germany. Entitled 'We all swim in the same waters', the piece was completed for Millerntor Gallery which benefits Viva con Agua, a charity that supports clean water intiatives accross the globe. Photo by