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PATIENCE - Color Photographs by Josef Hoflehner & Jakob Hoflehner Hillside Fences (Japan, 2009)

This looks like bits of music paper snipped up. [PATIENCE - Hillside Fences, Japan - by Josef Hoflehner & Jakob Hoflehner,

Patience by Josef Hoflehner

Patience by Josef Hoflehner

Bathing Boxes / Melbourne / Australia / PATIENCE - Color Photographs by Josef Hoflehner & Jakob Hoflehner

U.S.A., 1987

U.S.A., 1987

I've been creating a series of image depicting different feelings and emotions in a bizarre/surreal way. I'm keeping the aesthetics of this project as clean as possible to focus on the concept of each image.

Daniel Forero is a Colombian art director based in Stockholm since but currently working at Sagmeister & Walsh in NYC.

Beautiful!  By Adreas Gursky.

Andreas Gursky

Abstract photographer Andreas Gursky’s work is often described as landscape or architectural photography, however Gursky prefers to see his work as “visual structures or systems”.


I adore black and white photography. There is such an innocence to it that covers all of the colorful flaws of a colored image. The asymmetrical line that is created in this image by the boats sail and water reflection is what caught my eye.

Gasworks Seattle, Washington  2007

David Fokos was born in 1960 in Baltimore, MD and currently lives in San Diego, CA. Using an old view camera, world-renowned artist David Fokos has