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Beautiful Rose Reflection - Delicate pretty things for a beautiful delicate pretty lady - My Nina. You are delicate yet so strong. Me loves you more every day!

Rose e formiche nei giardini da podio

Rose e formiche nei giardini da podio


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Dew…    實在是美的令人懷疑其真實性   這種現象叫做”神聖的幾何 natural geometry”   神聖幾何在大自然中亦比比皆是,如美麗細密,狀若輻射散開的蜘蛛網,  螺殼花紋、蜂巢、花辮、雪花、水的結晶等。細心觀察,神聖幾可無處不在。    13

Dew drops on a pussy willow.pussy willows take me back to my childhood.very nice photo

Another stunning tulip!!  * Owner/Photo:  Carl.Franklin

Variegated Purple Tulip - I absolutely love this tulip. I think a bouquet of deep purple, purple variegated, deep mauve, pink, soft pale pink & one or two off white tulips would be awesome!

Pink tulips pose prettily!!! Bebe'!!! The pink contrast lovely with the green stem and foliage!!!

Beautiful pink tulips with a rich carpet of green leaves and little delicate pink flowers. This makes one perfect spring picture.