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Stitch Bento

Stitch Bento ~ Made possible by using some blue pea flowers extract to colour my rice ball. On MediaCorp radio show last week, I promise DJ Gerald Koh that I will make a Stitch Bento - so here it is!

Bento Friday: Kawaii Bento Box Ideas   #rinkya #japan #fromjapan #bento #bentobox

Bento Friday: Kawaii Bento Box Ideas #rinkya #japan #fromjapan #bento #bentobox

“No bento inspiration today so sharing these tsum tsum sandwiches made couple of weeks ago. See if you can figure out the ingredients used ”

This week's Bento Friday is super hot! We have super kawaii bento box ideas that are easy to prepare but that have staggering results!

Today's food art is everyone's favourite healthcare companion, Baymax. And today's food art comes with step-by-step pictures. The truth is I...

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