There are lots of squirrel like mammals like the ground hog, gopher as well as prairie dog. When it comes to foods, what do squirrel love to eat?

my vet says squirrels are very territorial, so this would be all one family! Also, that means placing nuts out for one squirrel during the fall and winter will not attract other squirrels!

Earl says: "Wanna play with my nuts?" (Earl is a pig...well, he's a squirrel, but a piggy squirrel)

Squirrels are members of the family Sciuridae, consisting of small or medium-size rodents.

I love chocolate cupcakes too, Mr Squirrel.

I love chocolate cupcakes too, Mr Squirrel. The Best Infographic team love these – Make sure you check out our infographics on www.


Photos taken on the grounds of Brevard College, Brevard North Carolina

Squirrely Close-up

Squirrel love nuts so much. In case you live close to a nut tree, there is a chance that you can spot a squirrel running around carrying a nut.

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