By Adolphe Mouron Cassandre Willi's Wine Bar, Henri Mouron. In Cassandre designed this image for a wine merchant, which was never published. In the image was printed under the supervision of Henri Mouron, Cassandre's son.

This is an original lithographic poster printed on heavy weight paper. It was created for the well known Wine Bar  called Willi's located in the heart of Paris. Each year they commssion a noted artist to create a unique design for their bar. This image promotes the memories of the glory days of the French Revolution and the uprising of the French people.

anthony palliser's play on delacroix's "liberty leading the people" for willi's wine bar in paris

Willi's Wine Bar Paris

MH Jeeves have worked their witty magic for Parisian joint Willy's Wine Bar.

piVolo Aperitif

When it comes to art deco poster design, Adolphe Mouron Cassandre is an expert with an impressive body of work.

"Life is a Catwalk" - Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage [1930s] by hajarshahrain

Original Design Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage Cat Fashion Vogue Style via Etsy. Oh, yes, they do walk like the elegant cats, just watch one proud littl puss stroll along.

Beautiful Art Deco Themed Poster

Beautiful Art Deco Themed Poster

Original Vintage Poster Willi's Wine Bar 1998 Mariscal Paris French Liquor Love in