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Cancer Zodiac Sign

I hate hurting my Cancer. Sometimes I can be rude or harsh but I truly love him.

I hate being told to calm down and this is the result when you tell me to

FAQ: What are the specific birthstones for Cancer ? – Cancer Birthstone are Moonstone and Turquoise What are Cancer birthstones colors? The Cancer sign is a predominantly feminine one, governed by …

Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign

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Just some cancer zodiac stuff I've found along the way. I am not an expert and have not done a lot of research especially on relationships though I want to.

I don't agree with prideful, but everything else is spot on.

Horoscope Signs : Picture Description I don't agree with prideful, but everything else is spot on.

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That would be the only true reason why id put a relationship on hold or not talk to someone for a while

Soo true

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Ive gotten a lot better with age but dont piss me off.I would rip you to shreds.