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Never. I will never give up on you.>> and why would I do that? You saved my life. Never in a million years no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much I get bullied, and no matter how many friends I loose

The Daily Edition One Direction, first official photo without Zayn.

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Ladies and gentlemen!! I present to you the next star of "Keeping up with One Direction"!! Two days ago it was Zayn slamming NB (true), then Harry's planned death (true but going to be stopped), then Louis's new child (Idk about this one), and Niall's new gf (pretty sure it's NOT true, he is rumored to be with Selena's BFF but the has been hanging with that crew a lot lately anyway). Tune in tomorrow to hear more!!

this makes me really happy>>> this was at my concert!

Liam and Niall

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hunka hunka burning love // blue suede jacket >>im on an Elvis roll

This should be the New album name

So there are rumors that their new album is gonna be called TILL THE END!