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"...this little piggy went to market and this one stayed home..." -- Little Monkeys in hot spring_ Japan

Little Monkeys Canvas Print / Canvas Art by 2por2

Two cute little monkeys grooming. Photograph - liitle monkeys - by Marcosjra and Patypatyapaty

snow monkey making snowballs

The Japanese Macaque (Japanese Snow Monkey) are very intelligent. they have even been observed rolling snowballs for fun.

JAPANESE MACAQUE....or snow monkey and Nihonzaru....located in tropical forest and mountains throughout Japan.....31.5 - 37.5 inches in length....11 - 31 pounds in weight.....often found in colder regions of the country where there is heavy snowfall....spend much of their time lounging in volcanic hot springs....thought to be the inspiration behind the saying 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'....have cheek pouches for storing food

Little Guy ~ by Marsel Oosten.not sure they are truly beautiful to look at but they fascinate me how they live in the warm pools. of Japan (japanese macaques) to adapt to the sub zero temperatures


Snow Monkey doing some foot grooming while soaking in the hot springs. The Japanese macaque, is a terrestrial Old World monkey species native to Japan.

Spring is almost here !

Baby ducks fall in line with momma duck.Mother would take me, my sis and brother to a little duckpond to feed the ducks.She always brought us a big loaf of bread to feed the ducks.