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The lost art of letter writing should come back. E-mails and texts are great when you have to send a quick message, but "nothing, absolutely nothing beats a thick, creamy two pages of Crane paper, smothered with news and views, lovingly folded into a tissue-lined envelope." - Lindy Woodhead

Old-Fashioned Letter Writing Meets Digital Age

Taking the time to write handwritten letters often despite the ease of electronic communication.

De vader van John liet een paar brieven achter voor zijn zoon. Hij opende pas als hij stierf.

Le mouchoir rouge gobineau essay gobineau rouge essay Le mouchoir, do not even get me STARTED on the cinematography--it was SO beautiful and I learned so much ahsjajs im going to.


I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted. ~Jack Kerouac I wish I saw it this way more often.

Send letters - an article that was written was postage was a lot less expensive, yet the value of a handwritten letter, to a loved one, from the heart, remains priceless!  :)

SEND LETTERS IN NEW YEAR -- Thia is an article that was written when postage was a lot less expensive. yet the value of a handwritten letter, to a loved one, from the heart, remains priceless!

Letters in the Mail - Almost every week you’ll receive a letter, in the mail. Letter writers will include Dave Eggers, Tao Lin, Stephen Elliott, Janet Fitch, Nick Flynn, Margaret Cho, Cheryl Strayed, Marc Maron, Elissa Schappel, Wendy MacNaughton, Emily Gould, and Jonathan Ames. Think of it as the letters you used to get from your creative friends, before this whole internet/email thing.

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a bundle of letters - some unsent.

Handful of Civil War letters. People just don't write letters like they did forty or fifty years ago. Heck, I don't write letters like I did years ago.

Cartas de antigamente.

Fleur-de-lys-letter-opener upon,perhaps a stack of love letters or maybe just maybe, a private journal with details of a secret rendezvous .

From the slant of your letters to the amount of space between words, this infographic explains what your writing reveals about you.

What does your handwriting say about your personality?

Imagine if we could get our favorite authors' handwriting analyzed. It might be fodder for the book critics.

In my middle school years I had a pen pal in Cuba and we would write to each other very often. Now in Cuba theres internet and emailing and stuff but back when I was younger it had to be done by letter. We would communicate in spanish which was really helpful for me because I learned and improved my writing skills.

Sometimes our family and friends may not understand what deployment is like. Here is a letter from a BSM with some things she wished she had shared with deployment.