Don't care too much for this pic but the pink one looks like Kylie Jenner

Eric and Ariel

Ariel & Eric, my favorite disney couple! (Except Aladdin and Jasmine ) And Aurora and Phillip and Belle and Beast. And Eugene and Rapunzel.

http://Papr.Club - Another cool link is  Ariel

My fast sketchy illustration of the little mermaid Ariel Art © Darko Dordevic Disney Princess © Disney Please, do not use any of my art without my permi.

Curvy Plus Size Mermaid Pink and Teal Girl Original by daisychurch

❋ Mermaid Party illustration of a Curvy Plus Size Mermaid in Pink and Teal, Original by daisychurch

Mermaid in a jar |

no one should ever do this to a mermaid yes i want to meet a mermaid but they probaly want to be left alone.but this is a picture of a Mermaid in a jar