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Worcester Lawn Mower Ad 1952 by hmdavid, via Flickr

is mowing the lawn while her man drinks a beer and relaxes in his hammock. Oh The Good Ol' Sexist Ads!

Abnormals Anonymous by Stella Gray!

Abnormals Anonymous comic by Stella Gray never had so desperate a group of human beings banded together 75 cents, vingtage comic book

times sure have changed!

Fat As Pigs This ad is from Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic sold more than Coca Cola. Because it promises to make adults and children fat as pigs? At least they were honest.

WWII Hoover Advertisement | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Poster- Quote: "America's women have had many things to make life easier for them - but it hasn't made them soft!" Love this poster

Je, je, je, je...

Je, je, je, je...

Smoke instead of eating...you'll die of cancer, but you'll be skinny! Lucky Strikes Cig advert.

Ad for Lucky Strike Cigarettes- basically saying that if you smoke you will lose weight - Ah, all tobacco is toasted. I guess saying it was toasted made it sound wholesome and good for you. Oh, the lies people were/are fed.

be strong

FAKE: WWII poster shows soldier "throwing like a girl" FACT: The text is a modern photoshop of a real poster, which said, "God help me if this is a dud; His life is in YOUR hands.

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Satan Was A Lesbian Vintage Pulp Novel Cover Retro Art Poster-

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Baby- Face Bias: This ad would catch someone's attention because of the cute baby-face in it and then realize that the ad is for a razor. "Gillette safety razor- made especially for those that must start shaving early in life"


Faux vintage Jantzen women's swimsuit ad suggests: Lure him away from the poolboy

A nice Coca-Cola ad in the style of the 50's was designed merging a pin up girls illustration with a simple typography. Description from webdesign.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Guinness vintage poster --- "There are only two things a man can't resist . a pint of Guinness and another pint !" --- (Shows red haired pin-up girl sitting on top of the froth of a pint of Guinness).

'Some men want to voice their support, but fear that no one will take them seriously, beca...

Horrendously sexist vintage ads you won't believe were made

SEXISM in advertising: "Don't worry.you didn't burn the beer".Hopefully she went on burning the dinner and he just had beer each night! Ad for Schlitz beer,