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Yol and Art

Original art by Federico Bebber Morph .gif animation by George RedHawk (googl.

Ologa Venenzuela. The place that is most frequently hit with lighting on earth. [ @j.piophotography ]

The perfect storm by Did you know that Catatumbo Venezuela owns the record for the most frequent lightning on earth? Ologa Zulia Venezuela Photo thanks to and check out their amazing galleries for more captures of Venezuela by discoversouthamerica

James R. Eads Illustration

Etymology: from Greek oxus, “sharp” + aísthēsis, “sensation, perception”. [James R. Eads - Us,.

150411 David Szakaly (davidope) DVDP #GIF

The artist David Szakaly, aka Davidope, is the creative director and the founder of design atelier Fredlig.

Definitely food for thought...

There's Life Out There In The Deep Space Blues! It's Such A Wild Place With Infinite Possibilities

Community Post: 50 Animated GIFs To "Turn On, Tune In, And Drop Out"

50 Animated GIFs To "Turn On, Tune In, And Drop Out"

from Osso Magazine. discover more on my everything board...

Zolloc's Newest GIFs Feature More Melting, More Gyrating Plasmatic Objects The Creators Project

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