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The Pineal Gland In The Human Brain. ''Fluoride'' Added To Town Municipal Water Is Proven In Brain Scans To Calcify And Switch The 3rd Eye Off. Drink Only Distilled Or Fluoride Free Spring Water. Take Back You Power And God Given Right To Think Clearly.! And Boycott Fluoride Added To The Water Supply.! Is Our Water Adulterated On Purpose To Dumb Us All Down.? I Must Say That It Looks That Way.!!!

Pineal Gland is found inside a fluid filled space inside the middle of the brain called the third ventricle and it is attached inside the ventricle.

Eye Of Ra

Your pineal gland is here. The pineal gland consist of nerve cells similar to those in the retina nerve if the eye. The retina nerve is inside the eyeball and receives light stimulation which it transmits to the brain.

infographic on the popularity of religions around the world--very informative! this is what i would like to teach my kids one day...that there isn't only one right answer...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Huge Map Of The World's Religions

World of Religion infographic "The National Post‘s graphics department takes a look at how the world’s religions break down.

Third eye ... yep isn't interesting what fluoride in the water supply does to the pineal gland? Think that's an accident?

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Interesting, that I wouldn't be surprised if that is what the Eye of Horus was symbolizing. Because, of course the Egyptians knew about the brain. if you look at the medical papyrus, they had an EXTENSIVE knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

The Eye of Horus is the Eye of God, it is the realization of self as seen in many cultures.  For ancient Egypt, the awakening of Uraeus, also known as Kundalini, is the Knowing of Thyself...It is G...***Remainder of information at website...

The Eye Of Horus / The Eye Of Providence / The Third Eye. One Of Religion's Biggest Secrets Going Back All The Way To The Ancients & Mans Inception.

Crop circle

Decoded Crop Circle, denoting the Path back to the Creator of the Universe.