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http://tattoo-ideas.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Geysha.jpg Geysha

This tattoo picture "Geysha" is one of many tattoo ideas listed in the Sleeve Tattoos category. Feel free to browse other tattoo ideas in the related or ot

I think a "Geek" got to our Kitty!

I think a "Geek" got to our Kitty!


Geisha Tattoo Ideas, Designs, & Meanings

Geisha tattoos are very feminine, considered beautiful and erotic women and men. Find the meaning, designs and ideas of the tattoo here!

“Mario”  Tattoo by @Bianca Popim on @Yo! Tattoo & DreadlocksOficial Site - https://www.facebook.com/bianca.popim

By Bianca Popim - Yo! Tattoos Dreadlocks - she’s an amazing artist and you should check him out!

Tattoo Artist - Dzikson Wildstyle | www.worldtattoogallery.com/tattoo_artist/dzikson-wildstyle

Geisha is an age old art which is now gaining popularity in tattoos. Geishas, the Japanese entertainers can be depicted in form of geisha tattoos. Have a look at the top picks