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breaking bad... omggg PUGGLES!

Well, this is the first Breaking Bad dog costume I've seen. It's Walter White himself, hard at work. Way too funny. He's got the Heisenberg stare down pat, I

sad pug is turtle

Reader Squee: Turtle Pug

Pandas against racism!! Reason #20934 that I LOVE PANDAS

Listen to the damned panda, people! Or he will find you in your sleep and maul you.

this might need to happen someday at my wedding! haha

Dog Weddings

and I will have been together 7 years. And we are not married, a fact that every person I know reminds me of constantly. I’m not saying we’re never going to get married.

Pugs! She has 2 pugs - Artie and one she is fostering, Flower.  (By the way, Flower is a bitch...:)

❤️pugs pugs a adorable animal the more you stair the more you WANT