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A hibernating dormouse curls up

Pictures of the day: 16 March 2010

The site for new housing estate was rejected after local planning chiefs said that pet cats might eat dormice in a nearby woods.

I am awed by the causing-immense-amounts-of-helplessness-at-its-adorableness powers of such a tiny animal. It's a dormouse, btw.

Common dormouse hibernating in nest - View amazing Common dormouse photos - Muscardinus avellanarius - on Arkive

Dormouse on blackberries. Beautiful nature scene for tattoo.

Steady as you go: A dormouse carefully climbs a bramble to to reach a blackberry just beginning to ripen by Richard Austin


Doormouse - cute as a very tiny button ~ Thanks Teske Goldsworthy Pisciotta ~ He's adorable!

Dormice wake up to a new dawn after years of decline

Dormice wake up to a new dawn after years of decline

Two of Britain's best-loved wild mammals are making a comeback after years of decline, conservationists reveal today. They say that the dormouse and the water vole have both 'turned the corner'.

SEI(@AtelierSEI)さん | Twitterがいいねしたツイート

I know it's not a rat but it is still and adorable little rodent! "Dormice are an endangered species and mainly found in the southern counties of Britain. They can spend up to three quarters of their life asleep!

Photo: Miroslav Hlavko

How power-napping helps late-born dormice. In the race against time to build enough energy reserves to survive hibernation, dormice born late are at a serious disadvantage. Research has found that, despite having less time to gather.

Dormice numbers in England and Wales have declined by 38 per cent since 2000

The discovery of a rare black dormouse is a reminder that this species needs our help

False memories implanted in sleeping mice. They will reprogram us while we sleep. By directly manipulating the brains of sleeping mice, researchers tricked the animals into thinking they had received a reward at a specific place.