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The Flaming Pentagram.make manifest your magickal soul.

She lost an hour of memory every night. Until someone caught the lost hour on video...

location: earth/ base members: task: earth camera + magical girlfriend = some fucking awesome pictures.

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When her wails would pierce the air, be they of the predicting death or inflicting death variety, her eyes would turn white.

The underworld is not hell. Punishment for wrongdoings is only one small piece of the job. There are places of beauty too. But even then, when one deals with the dead daily, one tends to forget what it's like to truly be alive. (RW)

Selected works by very talented and only 19 years old Dutch girl - Esme Fransen, an international relations student with an interest in communism, revolution, old objects, and art.

I'm already there

Black and White hell ill see you in hell self posts warningviewerdiscretionisadvised

Supernatural Aesthetic

As cliche as it was, Saint wandered around the old cemetery looking for peace. When did he turn into such an angsty goth kid?

He told me not to call him that, because calling him that would make him an angel and he wasn't one, no matter what I thought.  Angels had wings, he said, no matter what kind they were.  And then, he told me after, if he'd had wings he'd have torn them off by now.  Maybe that's why I never got to see them.  Maybe that's why the sad dark angel was scribbled on his wall; that's how he felt about himself.

He ripped out my wings. In looking back I could see what was once my angelic body lying bloody and torn apart on the snow white ground