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Dragon Age Origins meme | http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs50/f/2009/271/1/6/zevran_by_wogule.jpg

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Dragon Age Fenris and Hawke <~ this is what I imagined happening to my Hawke after she got back from Adamant.

Return From Skyhold / Hiding Near Weisshaupt by ghostfire on DeviantArt (OMG... my headcannon!!!!!!!)

theghostfire: “ Returning from Skyhold/Hiding Near Weisshaupt My first reaction to seeing that Anders tagged concept art was hostility. Anders is basically a punching bag throughout the Dragon Age.

Slow Arrow Poster

Slow Arrow Poster

Shortcut by animatiSoulFire on DeviantArt.  No one uses the stairs.  No one.

Shortcut by animatiSoulFire on DeviantArt -- Laughing way harder than I should be!

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DA:I Ladies by LilyRutherford on DeviantArt