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Zapatos masculinos. Siglo XVIII.

Men's shoes ~ century ~ Black leather, square toes ~ red painted wood stack heels ~ brass buckles ~ shoes from Lederman Collection

Cotton or linen solidly embroidered on vamps, quarters and soles with silver yarns(some over parchment) with polychrome silk details; salmon silk and silver binding; Baroque vegetative motifs. Open toes and sides. Small rounded tongue on vamp, similar latchets from quarters. Loops of latchets close over button on tongue(paste button added later). Pale blue silk linings.

Pair of sandals - Linen with silk and metal thread embroidery, and light blue silk lining - Italy -

Men's shoes, 1725 -50 The general cut, fold-over tongue, and substantial heel are retained from fashionable shoes of a somewhat earlier date, while the heavy, pegged soles and heel irons indicate that the primary intent of these shoes was not for up-to-date style but for their capacity to stand up to the rigors of work in the pre-industrial society.

Men's shoes, 1725 The general cut, fold-over tongue, and substantial heel…

American Duchess: Spotlight: New "Fraser" Early 18th Century Leather Shoes

Pair of Woman's Shoes England, Costumes; Accessories Morrocan leather, boarded leather, goatskin 4 x 9 in.

No details given, but I think red heels were popular in the late 1600s.


Man's shoe, black patent leather with a red heel and paste buckle, made in England, Courtesy Victoria and Albert Museum, CC BY SA.