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Gnome Baby Pixie

Terrible condition but the knocked paint reveals that the metal underneath is brass. which accounts for its weight

Trumpfreflex | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Trumpfreflex is an export version of the Richter Reflecta, made in Germany and sold in the United States by Sears.

Such a cute little camera.. If I ever find this, then I'll be very happy!

The Lady Carefree is a plastic camera for 126 film cartridges. It wasn't actually made by Argus, but for Argus, by Balda-Werke (Germany) around

Coronet Fildia

Super fun face from Coronet Fildia is a cardboard box camera with a unique hexagonal face Made in France by Tiranty - with license from Coronet This one is in great shape

Gevabox 6x9

- Gevaert (Belgium) Waist level box camera made by Herman Wolf GmbH - Wuppertal, Germany Unique face, all metal side load camera with what appears to be Nickel trim This was was a bit corroded when I got him - amazing what some Brass-o will do!