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Street Defense Mastery Seminar (Rener Gracie) - YouTube

FACT: Over of jiu-jitsu techniques are useless when strikes are added to the fight. In this detailed slice from the Gracie Academy Street Defense Mastery.

Michael Liera Jr.- Omoplata Variation

3 x BJJ World Champion, Michael Liera Jr., shows an omoplata variation from the De La Riva Guard, using his training partner, Keenan Cornelius.

MMA Techniques: Double-Leg Takedown - by Mixed Martial Arts Ref "Big" John McCarthy

Take a slow motion trip through some of the highlights of UFC Holloway vs Pettis from Saturday, December 10 in Toronto, Canada including the instant .

Revolutionary Kimura Detail! - YouTube

If you ever lost a Kimura from the Closed Guard due your opponent's defense you will love this detail!

Cross Choke Mastery Seminar (Rener Gracie)

There are two types of people, cross choke masters and cross choke amateurs. In this installment of the "Seminar Series," Rener Gracie breaks down a critical.

Roger Gracie – Cross Collar Choke (nifty move. Also, how ridiculously attractive is Roger Gracie?!)

Roger Gracie Teaches his Cross Choke from Mount - Estrangulamento da Montada

Ryan Hall Back Attacks - Principles of Back Control - YouTube

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt sensation Ryan Hall returns to video with Back Attacks, his newest instructional series with World Martial Arts.