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Going on a nature walk? Play a version of hide and seek with these trail signs. A fun game to play while camping, hiking with scouts or family.

Nature Walk Trail Sign Printable

CCLD - Locomotor Play - Play a version of hide and seek with these trail signs - younger children have signs and a simple objective, older children can create their own signs and objectives

Campfire Dump Cake ... only two ingredients! (You can make it in the oven too!)

Campfire Dump Cake

Once again another post that I meant to get up in August but I know that folks in this area still camping and even more so making fires to huddle around at night. Here is a beyond easy treat for you. The girls made Campfire Dump Cakes at Girl Scout camp t

Hand washing station for Cib Scouts. +1 for paper towel placement.

Camping hand wash station: No more losing paper towels while camping! bungee cords to hold in place and a bucket under hand wash station so as to not make a mess

free pritnable - Camping Charades: set a timer and whoever gets the most points in a certain amt of time

Camping Games: Printable Camping Charades for all ages

Slurpin' for Worms Birthday Party Game Activity for kids and Moms on a Budget #birthdaypartygames

Slurpin' for Worms Birthday Party Game for Kids and Moms on a Budget

Camping party for Kids Creative Chaos (Activities): Slurpin' for Worms Birthday Party Activity for kids and Moms on a Budget

21 campfire games for adults that will turn any camping adventure into glamping! Camp in style and fun with these ideas from funattic.com

21 Fun Campfire Games for Adults

Want to have fun around a campfire? Check out some of the best campfire games for adults. If you are really looking for campfire fun be sure to play number *** Read more details by clicking on the image.

How to Build a Campfire | About Family Crafts

How to Build a Campfire with mini battery operated candles and tissue paper and not much else! Blue and Gold banquet!

Contests and competitions that Cub Scouts enjoy the most are often surprisingly uncomplicated, with inexpensive materials, rules taking less than a minute to explain, and minimal setup. Continue reading →

Water games are some of the best fun of the summer. Here are 19 fun water games you and your family can play at family reunions, play dates and more.