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2012 05EspressoPatronum

Fans seem to bring back Harry Potter with every opportunity the can get. This sign at Starbucks is brilliant. It's hilarious and I know as a Harry Potter fan myself, I'm tempted to go into this Starbucks and buy something off the menu.

question. what would that taste like?

Book inspired ice cream flavours: Berry Potter and the Container of Secrets: Muggles rejoice! Inside this container you'll find a magical blend of butter beer, Bertie Bott's Strawberry Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs. No need to employ the Dark Arts.

Harry Potter love!

Cause the bed is magically, the most comfortable place after the alarm rings /a little morning motivation

I think Jared would laugh his ass off at this.  He always says that Gingers are Soulless.

Ron has no soul, silly. He's a Ginger. hahaha hence gingers have no soul xD

I find this way funnier than I should

"Lord Voldemort's Horcrux Crunch: Seven fun shapes! Now I totally want to make Horcrux Cookies. And when you ate one you would have to lie on the ground and writhe from the agony of eeeeevil magic.