stizzofrenica: “fantasiedicoppia: “verso l’infinito ed oltreeeeeeeee *B* ” Sono stupende. ”

Funny pictures about What Is This Contraption? Oh, and cool pics about What Is This Contraption? Also, What Is This Contraption?

Two guys and two girls

Two guys and two girls

14 GIFs That Are Tripping Right Now

14 GIFs That Are Tripping Right Now

37 People Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won -The dude in the sassy model in the background. Didn't even flinch.

In hysterics. When I was in theatre, (the snooty way to spell it LOL) we would entertain ourselves after class to see who could do that crazy "abrupt run right before you fall" type thing. We HURT from laughing because we would do it all the way down the hall and outside flailing our arms wildly while bent down in an out of control run. We laughed til we cried just like I did while watching this GIF. :D

17 Surprising GIFs of People Falling Down

Drunk Guy Tries To Use Cash Machine, Doesnt Do Very Well

Drunk Guy Gives A Lesson In How Not To Use A Cash Machine

Hilarious! That's what you get for trying to be all sexy & shit. Now get off the fucking car, bitch.

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Collateral Damage. Hahaha

Collateral Damage

I felt bad for laughing. but yeah i laughed. several times funnier every time you watch it


28 People who should of thought twice. This majestic woman who should have thought about her feet.