Chinese dragon and phoenix wedding cake with lotus flowers

All photos courtesy of Dave Miyamoto Photography We've had many brides inquiring about the red fondant Chinese dragon and phoenix wedding ca.

In Chinese weddings, often you'll see dragons and phoenix symbols. This represents the union of husband and wife. The husband is represented by the dragon and the wife, the phoenix

Sophie Bifield Cake Company, Photo by Mango Studios This dramatic wedding cake, topped with a dragon and a hand-painted phoenix, embraces traditional Chinese wedding symbols in a modern way.

dragon and phoenix wedding cake

Photos of custom wedding cakes designed by Rick Reichart of cakelava Las Vegas, NV.

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Wedding Cake - purple, black, and white. Substitute the purple for blue and the black ribbon for grey & will match your colors.

Dragon and Phoenix Cake - Yeners Way

Learn how to decorate a cake with an oriental style dragon and phoenix from modelling chocolate, as well as a Chinese Double Happiness symbol topper.

Geisha cake

Beautiful Geisha and Cherry Blossom Cake by Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes