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MBTI Types + The Innocent ..... INFP. Well, this INFP is also a Scorpio so that blows that Innocence factor right out of the water.

Me- the corrupter My best friend- the innocent My best friend's sister- Protector Suddenly the world makes sense!>> I'm always called innocent.

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Intj: most likely to succeed. I think as an intj / istj (but mainly intj) I could fall under the most studious category.

"Do it the night before and get an A" ...spot on  #infj

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So true INTJ: on the 'do it the night before and get an A' squad AND the 'did it three weeks ago' squad

one of these things is not like the others...

I'm an INFJ, but I tend to be a part of the "right on time squad.