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Bryan di Boscoquieto e la Maledizione di Morpheus (eNewton Narrativa) (Italian Edition) by Federico Ghirardi. $4.69. 523 pages. Publisher: Newton Compton Editori (January 27, 2011)

WPs of Dan Dos Santos fantasy art.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Daniel Dos Santos Wallpapers for fans of Fantasy images. James Gurney. by mordicaicaeli, via Flickr

Schoty and his Ankylosaurus pal Soroban help merchants with their arithmetic using a giant abacus mounted on Soroban’s back.

Moon Warrior Man

Raekwon Faerideos from The Chronicles of Arcea's universe© Prints Available : here Colors and lineart : Photoshop Hours: 7 hours Tools: tablet wacom. Raekwon, Soul of War II

Blackfyre, one of two ancestral Valyrian steel longswords of House Targaryen, brought to Westeros by Aegon I. Blackfyre was passed from Targaryen king to king, until Aegon the Unworthy bestowed it on his bastard son Daemon instead of his legitimate son, Daeron. After Daemon's death, his half-brother Bittersteel took Blackfyre with him in exile to the Free Cities, where he and Daemon's surviving kin founded the mercenary force, the Golden Company. The sword's current whereabouts are unknown.

Blackfyre, one of two ancestral Valyrian steel longswords of House Targaryen…

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The Hobbit - Armies of the Third Age Illustrations by Daarken

The Hobbit: The Third Age. “ Freelance concept artist and illustrator Mike “Daarken” Lim has released several illustrations he created for The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age. The Hobbit: Armies of.

The Jarl Will See You Now

The Jarl Will See You Now

Парк Юрского периода: Chasmosaurus по Hellraptor на deviantart

Chasmosaurus=Opening Lizard Codename: Plate Face Diet: Herbivore Length: 5 m Height: 3 m Weight: 3 tons Period: Late Cretacious mya.